Team Manager Info

Helpful information for Team Managers

Team Manager – Roles & Responsibilities

Each team needs a coach (or co-coaches), a manager and a referee.  Good team organisation and support will lead to a great season for team members.

  • Communication – Once you have been confirmed as your teams manager you will have access within the ClubHub database system to not only see your own details, but those of your team.  This access allows you to send your team emails via this system.  It is best to use the club system for emails as opposed to creating your own email list, so that all information within the club database stays up to date.
  • Club Day – At the beginning of April the Club organises a Club day, which involves friendly games against other Grammar Juniors teams. It’s also a chance to meet your coach and your team. There’s a sausage sizzle, bouncy castle and it’s a fun morning.
  • Team gear bags – Teams will be allocated a team gear bag on Club day. Inside the bag is a bag of jerseys for each player, plus a team list indicating which jersey it allocated to which player (they are numbered inside the collar). Also in the bag is a first aid kit, a container with Player of the day ribbons and vouchers, whistles, ball pump, pump needles and spare mouth guards as well as rugby balls and cones and rippa sets for U6 and U7.
  • Player drink bottles – Each team will be issued with drink bottles and drink bottle holders.  You can either name them and keep hold of them to bring to each game or request that your players are responsible for them.
  • Rugby Practice – After discussing with Coaches, email your teams requested training day and time to Operations Manager: Every effort is made to accommodate all requests however there is only one fully lit field and multiple teams training so there needs to be some juggling to get it to work. Once your practice day and time is confirmed, send out an email each week to your team to remind them. Also try to be at the practice for the last 5mins or so to catch up with everyone and answer any queries.
  • Game Details – Check the Auckland Rugby website  which has the weekly timetable for the team’s games.  Then send out an email to your team (via ClubHub) advising of this weeks game, field info, who is on half time oranges (keep a roster of this to share it round).  It pays to double check the Auckland Rugby site later in the week just to ensure there have been no amendments (due to weather, field closures, defaults etc) (NB: Parents can also bookmark the Auckland Rugby link as well for their own info).
  • Field ClosuresAuckland Council field closures website has field details, maps PLUS info on fields that are closed.  The Grammar Junior Rugby website also has a link to this info. Forward on this information to your team so everyone knows where to go.
  • Oranges – Its traditional to do oranges at half time. An easy way is to make last weeks Player of the day bring them to the following game!
  • Recording game scores – Each week record the score of your game and forward to Operations Manager
  • Waiheke Games – If travelling to Waiheke Island there is a rebate on the cost of your travel.  Please email Ali to advise that you will be travelling to Waiheke that weekend.  Once travel has occurred Grammar Juniors is able to invoice Auckland Rugby for the rebate, which will be forwarded back to the team manager to distribute to their team.  Waiheke Travel Subsidy options are:
  • Club emails – The Club Operations Manager (who will send emails directly to all club parents notifying them of various club info and events, but it is a good idea to pull out any relevant parts and forward onto your team as a reminder.
  • Record match stats – Keep a record of tries scored, good play or great team attitude/support.  This helps not only with the weekly nominations for player of the day but also for the end of the year awards.
  • Holidays – Work out holidays and who is playing and who will be away as in some instances you may need to advise the club of a default or blend with another team in your grade. Auckland Rugby rules are that defaults need to be notified by Friday 10am the day before game day, to the Grammar Juniors JRC Delegate – Barry Boyden so that he can advise the other team in plenty of time.
  • Medical notifications – Any concussion or serious injuries need to be officially documented and notified – Complete the NZRU Serious injury form NZRU Serious Injury Form and email and Ali
  • Team Functions – It is up to you how and where you want to socialise with your team. This could be team bbq at the clubrooms or park, or even parent drinks somewhere local.
  • Club Prize-giving – Generally held the last weekend of the season, and organised by Operations Manager.  You will need to forward two prize winning player names from your team (as agreed with the coach/es)  Younger grades usually choose the “best player of the team” and the “most improved player of the team”. Older teams often choose “best forward” and “best back”.
  • Team: Thanks and Prizes– Generally the team puts in some money towards a gift for the Coach and Manager. Sometimes you may organise a “team internal” prize or “pat on the back” in addition to the club prize-giving. Example: Little medals or certificates for all the boys, which the coach presents to them together with a personal comment about what they’ve done well.
  • Gear Collection– Manager and Coach are responsible to return the gear-bag and the club jerseys to the Operations Manager at the end of the season. The manager should take all the shirts after the last game, wash them and return them  (to ensure you get them all in one go).


To our Coaches, Managers and Referee Volunteers:

The Club appreciates the commitment of Coaches, Managers and Referees and is committed to supporting you in the role. If you have any concerns or require any assistance do not hesitate to contact your Grade Coordinator, the Club Operations Manager, or the Club Captain.


To our sponsors:

Without the very generous support of our sponsors Winger Motors and Bayleys Real Estate, plus our hard-working volunteers and supporters, we wouldn’t be the best little rugby club in New Zealand.

….Our sponsors have supported us, so when you get a chance, please support them.