Grammar Juniors have Grade Coordinators for each grade.  These Co-ordinators allocate players into teams and allocate and oversee Team Coaches, Managers and Referees.

You can contact your Grade Co-ordinator for any questions relating to your grade.


For the 2020 season our Grade Co-ordinators are:

Under 6 (Rippa)  – Simon Higgs E:

Under 7 (Rippa) – Tiana Samasoni . E:

Under 8 (Restricted) – Asher Williams E:

Under 9 (Restricted) – Howard Gilbert E:

Under 10 (Restricted) – Ben Snelling E:

Under 8/U9 (Rippa)  – Matt Pearson E :

Under 11 (Restricted) – Stephen Sinclair E:

Under 12 (Restricted) – John Worth  E:

Under 10/ U11 (Rippa) – Matt Pearson E:

Under 13 (Restricted) – Stephen Sinclair E: